Thursday, June 17, 2021

Controller Genrator Tool Reel

Controller Generator Tool Reel

This was a project that really challenged me.  I learned a lot about coding in maya and how controllers for rigging is created.  I created this tool to help riggers speed up their process with pre-made controllers that are generated using this tool.  The UI is designed to have two tabs, one for creating the controllers and one for editing the controllers.  The controller creation tab is organized by the type of shape you need your controller to be while the editing tab focuses on changing the color of the controller, changing the rotation order, deleting history, and freezing transformations. Besides from creating the tool itself, I learned about how maya reads user set-up codes and is able to create both menus and shelves that don't disappear when the maya preferences are reset.  This has made me realize the way that maya works with it's folder structure and how powerful working with user set-up codes are for keeping your scripts running in maya.  

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