Thursday, June 17, 2021

Work in Progress Project Management Tool Reel

Work in Progress Project Management Tool

This project is one I'm still working on and improving.  I learned so many new concepts while working on this project such as generating my own UI using the command line to getting more comfortable using PyQt.   More than anything, this project made things a little less scary when using a UI with my code.  My biggest struggle with this project was naming projects and individual files which is still being worked on currently.  I also learned about file directories and creating folder structures with python.  My biggest surprise with this project was how simple it is to tell python to open a file and run the program.  While working on this project that was a big concern for me.  One aspect that I thought would be easier but was harder then I thought was using the tree view.  When I was designing my UI, I made the choice of a tree view over a tree widget and many times while doing research I had to make sure I was looking for documentation on tree views and not three widgets.  The tree view as I have come to learn is a powerful widget and is very user friendly for the user and looks really nice on a UI especially when working with folder structures. 

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