Friday, May 28, 2021

No Country for old Men Sprint #8

 For this sprint I worked on creating animations for our bi-fold door, continuing to work on the phone cord blueprint, and talking to level designers about lighting in unreal engine.  I will also talk about my hero assets and the assets I have been responsible for.  

For the door I used my bi-fold door rig and animated it to some reference I found on YouTube.  I created two animations for the door, one for opening and one for closing.

Gif of Bi-Fold Door Closing with Reference

Gif of Bi-Fold Door Opening with Reference

Once I cleaned up the curves, I had our project lead and out technical director check it to make sure it was at a fast enough speed and adjusted the animation to fit the speed we were looking for.  

Gif of Bi-Fold Closing

Gif of Bi-Fold Opening

Once the animation was completed I created a folder in our unreal project for the bi-fold door animations and added it them.  The next steps for this asset is to adjust it based on what 

Gif of Bi-Fold Door Closing in Unreal Engine

So far I have not had success with the phone cord.  I have been able to successfully make it in the world(not as a blueprint).  To solve this problem I talked to Chris and I also asked about making physics constraints in blueprints on  Unfortunately it did not save when I worked with Chris on this asset.  However when I did tackle this problem on my own beforehand, I got this result.  

Gif of Broken Phone Blueprint.

In the blueprint I worked with trying to replicate what I had created in the world and I found that some of the settings are unavailable.  Settings that I used in the world to connect the constraints are what make it possible to constrain properly while in the world.  So I'm continuing research and asking questions to get this asset working.

Phone Cord Blueprint Showing one of the Physics Constraint

I took on lighting for this project.  To really understand how to approach lighting I spoke to two level designers, Teandre and Brian and they gave me tips, a power point, and some videos to look at.  Some of the tips they gave me was to understand the different lighting models (static, movable, and stationary). They also told me about fake lighting with using a skylight, color schemes, and attenuation radii.  

Videos and Power Points from Teandre

Tips from Brian

My hero assets include:  The shot gun rig, phone cord blueprint, money case rig and lighting.

Shotgun rig is completed however this asset can have more rigging done to it based on how our technical director would like to proceed.  At the moment, the shotgun can move all of it's parts and has animator friendly locators to constrain to, however the shotgun bullets are not rigged.  The shotgun bullets are being worked on by our technical director.

Shotgun Rig with Textures

Phone Cord is currently being worked on and troubleshooted.  The phone cord by itself interacts with the ground as expected however in the past the cord would fly into space if the player interacted with it.  This has not been tested in the scene as a physics constrained asset.  Player interaction and collisions are going to be tested for this asset when it is ready to be put into our scene.  

Gif of Broken Phone Blueprint.

The Money Case Rig is currently still in modeling stage.  The game rez of the model is still being worked on but the considerations for this asset is that it has a basic rig, it needs to be able to open and close, and it needs to hold items such as money and the tracker.  This asset is also a physics asset.

I took on lighting for this project to learn a little bit more about lighting.  To start understanding lighting I talked to two level designers and I got some tips, videos, and power points to get me started.   

Assets I have been and will be responsible for are: shotgun rig, phone cord blueprint, bi-fold door rig and animations, lighting, and the money case rig.

Gif of the Bi-Fold Door Closing Animation in Unreal Engine

Our schedule is planned out for each individual on the team.  In a time span of certain dates each of us works on specific tasks or completes tasks.  

Image of Team Schedule(The schedule document is very long)

For assigning assets, the modelers have a document that shows where each of the assets are in their process of completion in the modeling stages.

Image of Assets Assigned to Modelers

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