Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Trimming Mocap Data and more Cleaned/Characterized Animation

Gif of Cleaned and Characterized Single Lady's Dancing Storm Trooper 

This week I learned about trimming in motion builder and I cleaned and characterized three mocap animations.  For trimming I worked on the basic walk animation and the idle.  To start off my trimming process I selected the skeleton in the scene and in the FCurves and selected the translations and rotations.  Selecting the skeleton was a little finnicky as the FCurves didn't always appear when I selected it.  

Skeleton Selection and FCurves in Motion Builder

From here I went into the filter's tab in the resources section.  I would place my marker on the time line and hit Set Start and then place the marker where I wanted to cut animation and push Set Stop.  After selecting cut I pushed Preview and Accept. I also did this towards the end of the animation where I wanted to trim off the ending.  

Filters Tab in Motion Builder

To adjust my timeline, I moved the ending to the last frame in my animation.  When you trim the beginning of animation, the first frame of the trim starts at 0 automatically so you do not need to adjust the beginning of the timeline. 

Trimmed Timeline in Motion Builder

Gif of Trimmed Walk Cycle in Motion Builder

Following the same process I trimmed the idle animation.

Gif of Trimmed Idle Animation in Motion Builder

After trimming the idle and the walk cycle I worked on three new mocap animations.  Because I used a women for the idle and the walk I decided to go with mocap data from a man.  These animations are currently cleaned and characterized.  

Gif of Storm Trooper Dying(Electrocuted) in Motion Builder

For one of the animations I decided to try an animal and found this cat animation.  This animation needs more work done to it as the hands are not touching the ground and the armor would clip through the ground.  Overall I thought seeing what happens when you work with an actor acting as an animal and then working with this animation in motion builder was really interesting.  

Gif of Storm Trooper Acting like a Cat in Motion Builder

Gif of Cleaned and Characterized Single Lady's Dancing Storm Trooper

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