Thursday, October 8, 2020

Perspective Study


Perspective Study

For this project I worked on the concept of perspective.  I was heavily inspired by the idea of the way cities show perspective and used buildings from Chicago for inspiration for my building designs and then letting my own imagination to evolve the look and concept. 

Reference and Inspiration

After looking at some reference, I modeled four different buildings in Maya to create my city with. 

Creating Four Different City Buildings

To make it easier to create my city, I exported my buildings as obj's and saved them in a folder that my content browser accesses. 

Creating a Content Browser Folder for My Buildings

When I was building my city, I payed close attention to variety by scaling and rotating individual buildings.  I then explored one point perspective, two point perspective, and three point perspective. 

One Point Perspective

Two Point Perspective

Three Point Perspective

My favorite was the one point perspective scene and I added the unreal mannequin to add some fun!
From here I rendered an ID, normal, ambient elusion, z depth, and beauty pass to bring into photoshop. 

Beauty Pass of One Point Perspective

From here I brought all my renders into photoshop and used several filters and paint brushes to create my colored scene. 

One Point in Photoshop

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