Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ship Silhouettes

 This week I created some silhouettes of nine different spaceships using Maya and Photoshop. 

Ship Silhouettes

I started out in Maya with a spaceship model that was already completed.  To get the scene ready, I used my perspective camera to get a top view of the ship and then duplicated the camera and made small adjustments to the placement.  Once the camera was in place I created a keyframe on the camera in case I accidentally move it.  I then hid the lights in the scene to turn the model black. 
Already Completed Ship

From here the model was ready to be modified!  By duplicating, scaling, using soft select, creating new objects, and extruding, I was able to create new ship designs.

Modified Ship Design

Once I got the design I was looking for, I took a screen shot of the ship and brought it into Photoshop.  I set up my Photoshop file by creating two color filled layers to create the background and the bar at the bottom of the file.  I then created some simple numbering for the different ships and added my name and file name at the bottom.  From here I created a layout for the spaceships and created two groups for the top and bottom rows which are held in a big folder for holding all the designs.

Photoshop Layers

From here I created all my ship designs in Maya and imported them into Photoshop.  I cleaned them up with the magic wand tool to take out the background and scaled them and repeated until I got the final result!

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