Monday, September 14, 2020

Lego Project

 For this project I built a 3D model off of a Lego reference. I chose a very simple Lego reference but my biggest obstacle was defiantly trying to figure out the scale to make the pieces look like they would all fit together.  

Lego Reference and Inspiration

Modeling the Legos was a lot of math.  While looking at the simple shapes, this reference is made up of mostly cylinders but to get the right size it was a lot of looking at the pieces and determining how many pieces of one Lego would equal another Lego.  For the stand I knew that four singular pieces would make a 2X2 piece with a total of 4 nibs.   One of these pieces would equal half of the the stand.  If I had two 2X2's then it would equal the length of the base being 2X4.

Creating Lego Piece

After putting two of these pieces together for length, I extruded the top piece out a little bit and rotated to give it the ability to create the long angular shape.  

Custom Lego Piece

All of my pieces went through a similar scaling and size process.  The tools I used a lot were the scaling, extrude, and edge loop tools to get my final result!  

Creating All My Lego Pieces Top View

Creating All My Lego Pieces

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