Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Basic use of Lighting

 This week I worked on creating 3 point lighting using Autodesk Maya and Arnold. 

Lighted Characters

Lighted Lego Project

To start this project I worked with three different models and included my own Lego model from the Lego project. To start my project I imported the four different models and created an aiAreaLight, point light, and an aiSkyDomeLight.  The first light I set up was my aiAreaLight which is my key light.  I scaled it and rotated it into position.  I then went into the attribute editor and adjusted the intensity and shadow drop off.

Adding AiArea Light

Then I created aiSkydomeLight  and put it's exposure to 1 and it's intensity to 0.050.  

Adding AiSkydome Light

The last light I created was my point light.  I added a light color to the point light and adjusted the intensity and exposure. I also turned off emit specular.  

Adding Point Light

Then I created an aiStandardShader and applied it to my models.  In the hypershade I created an aiAmbientOcclusion node and plugged it into the base.  I then put the weight to 0.500 and gave the shader a subsurface. 

Creating an AiStandard Shader

After creating my shader and applying it to my models, I created a camera to make renders for three different sides of the models except the Lego model because it is the same on most sides. I also added the posturize filter.

Posturize Render with Alien Character

Posturize Render with Sea Horse Character

Posturize Render with Character Face

Posturize with Lego Spaceship

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