Monday, September 21, 2020

Lego Project Part 2

           Lego Rocket Model

            Hotdog Rocket and Hamburger 


To continue my Lego project,  after I brought my Lego pieces into Unreal Engine 4,  I began to assemble my rocket and create blueprints. I also created a hotdog rocket and hamburger out of the Lego pieces I made.

Blueprints of Lego Pieces

I then created a materials for my Lego pieces and instanced them off of my first Lego piece material. 

Meterials for Lego Pieces

 I was then read to set up my render scene.  Going back into Maya, I created an infinity wall and imported it into the unreal engine.  I added exponential height fog, post processing volume and a spot light to create an atmosphere.   

Creating Atmosphere 

 After setting up my models I created a small amount of rotation using blueprints to rotate my rocket.  When trying to rotate my hotdog rocket, the hotdog rotated too much so I decided to not rotate that model.  

Creating Rotation Blueprints

From here I made a sequence and set up my camera movements.  I exported my sequence out to get my video render of my project. Between both models I changed to infinity wall material to rea

Lego Rocket Ship in Unreal Engine 4

Lego Food in Unreal Engine

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