Sunday, September 27, 2020

Game Asset Creation: A Simple Crate


Simple Crate Model

This week I created a simple crate asset in Autodesk Maya. To start my project I had to adjust the scale in Maya so that when the asset is imported into the Unreal Engine it is in proper scale.  I set my length and width to 200 units and my grid lines to 100 units.  I also set y subdivisions to 10 for easy snapping and I put some simple coloring on my grid so that it is easier to work with. 

Adjusting Maya to the Unreal Engine Scale

Then I began to create my proxy crate in which I made 100 units all the way around and checked it's scale to the mannequin.  The Mannequin is about 6 feet tall.  To create my proxy I did some simple extrusions. I then exported it and gave it a collider.  I noticed that the lighting on the crates were creating weird shadows so I brought it back into Maya and fixed it's UVs before re-importing it into the Unreal Engine. 

Crate in Unreal Engine 4

From here I began to create a more high poly crate that has details.  To begin I used a cube that was the same size as my proxy and scaled it down to that it was the same size but was thinner and fit the face of the proxy.  I used some simple Booleans to create the frame and beveled it and then created the smaller pieces and gave those bevels.  For the piece that goes across I duplicated my Boolean and created a face and from there I used my multi-cut tool and deleted the faces I did not need.  The I extruded it and beveled it.  I placed it and scaled it to fit on the crate. 

Proxy for Crate Details

To continue, I grouped, named, duplicated and rotated the first face to create the other faces.  Some of the faces a bit different weather they don't have the middle piece or they need their edges snapped so there is no inter penetration.  This allowed me to create my gaming asset crate. 

Details Creating Crate Object

I then began to prepare my crate to be exported into it's next journey into ZBrush! I duplicated my create and created a new group.  Within the group I merged the bottom of the crate into one geometry and then merged the top so that the crate has a top that can open.  I then created a simple layer so that I can change the color of the wireframe.  

Crate with Black Wireframe

Crate Open with Lid

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