Friday, July 9, 2021

No Country for Old Men Sprint #11

 For this sprint I worked on adding the fixed money case rig to the engine and I worked on lighting.  I began to also get low drive space messages from my computer so I bought and SSD to help create space. 


Low Space Message from UE4

As I was working on the Money Case rig I found that the problem was because the geometry was in groups.  I froze transformation and deleted history and took all of the geometry out of the groups.  I then re-skinned my geometry to my joints and double checked that everything was cleaned.

Re-Skinning the Money Case

I then exported the rig and brought it into the engine with success!  

Money Case Rig in Engine

After I learned a little bit about optimization from my lighting assignment I decided to check out the scene and see what the optimization looks like.  I fixed some of the optimization on the geometry. 

Optimized Scene 

I also adjusted the fan light in our scene.  I moved it more on top of the light and I made the outter and inner cones bigger.  I also increased the intensity to help in areas that were a little too dark.

Adjusted Fan Light

Aside from adjusting the fan light I also added two ambient lights.  I turned off casts shadows and added them by the bed and the dresser.  One of the lessons I learned from the level designers is that ambient lights should have casts shadows turned off.  

Two Added Ambient Lights

In the past posts the hallway lights bleeding through the walls was an issue so I took out the extra lights and just have one light that is by Anton.

Fixed Hallway Lights

Another important lesson I learned from just being around the level designers was that you want your light importance map to be very close to where you want it to render.  So I adjusted the size of my light importance map and my post processing. 

Adjusted Post Processing and Light Importance Map

At this point I actually sent images to the level designers to get some feedback on where I could improve the lighting.  

Screen Shot #1

Screen Shot #2

Screen Shot #3

From two level designers I got critique.  Level Designer Joey thought I could improve the hallway light and the window light.  Teandre thought I could improve the lamp on the nightstand.  

Level Designer Joey Critique

Level Designer Teandre Critique

I actually jumped into a call with Teandre and he showed me how to work with lights that are in blueprints.  The lamp blueprint was not created by me and it had two lights in it.  To remove it we found a setting in the details and I was able to adjust one light in the lamp and remove the other light that was too high. 

Double Light Fix

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