Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Simple Ball Bounce with Maya and Renderman

Simple Ball Bounce Reel

This is a simple ball bounce created in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Pixar's Renderman.  For this animation I had a total of 5 passes.  The ball rig is from UCF's FIEA program.

For my first pass of creating my ball bounce it was all about reference.  Finding reference that had an easy angle to work with an gave a good view of timing and how the ball was moving.   My first pass really was all about getting the timing of the ball, weight, and rotation. 
During my second pass I tweaked my rotation and used the graph editor to show more weight in my ball. I also brought in more squash and stretch when the ball hit the ground. At this point I set up my rendering scene for renderman and created my lights, material, and camera.
In my third pass I adjusted my rendering angle and gave the ball some jiggle as it is rolling and coming to a stop.  
For the fourth pass I focused on getting the ball to have a little more jiggle while it is in the air.
For my final pass I added more frames to the end of my animation and adjusted a few keyframes so that my ball comes to a softer and slower stop. 

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