Friday, May 14, 2021

Hades Facial Rig Reel

Hades Facial Rig Reel

For this project I worked with Hades who was modeled by Ky Campbell from cohort 16.  Hades is a capstone character from Penguin Void Productions' game Kore.  This project was a lot of fun and a big challenge as I have never fully rigged a character's face.  This rig is a joint based facial rig with two blenshapes for squash and stretch. There is also over 70 controllers and this reel only shows a few.  Posing Hades was a lot of fun as his eyebrows are very expressive, his eyebrows are arguably my favorite part about Hades.  A lot of the ideas I got for his expressions were from looking at reference of people such as happy, bored, surprised, nervous, ect. I had the most fun posing Hades as a villian, his smile makes him look more like a villian than happy.  Another fun part of Hades was making his ears.  The ears are very simple but they can be very cartoon like with how you can scale and pose them so I did a pose where I was able to scale one of his ears.   The most difficult part about rigging Hades was his eyes as he has two ways to control his eyes, a controller for each individual eye and another that manipulates both.  Hades eyes can be a bit crazy, but they have a wide range of motion with individual manipulators in the eyelids to completely change his eye shape and controllers that control many manipulators for movements like blinking.  Overall, this project was a challenge and I could have done better in a few areas but this project makes me want to learn more about facial rigging.

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