Thursday, September 3, 2020

Basic Shapes

This week I learned about using Maya and Photoshop together to make some concept art focusing on the element of basic shapes.  As an individual who does not have a lot of experience painting and drawing in Photoshop, I found this exercise to be daunting.  Using Sparth's concept art as a reference and inspiration, I put together my favorite spaceships and environments. 

Reference and Inspiration

After collecting my reference I then began the modeling process in Maya.  I created this spaceship from piecing together parts from other spaceship and my own design ideas.  My process for creating my ship was to make all the pieces separately so I can really look at the shapes and then piece it together.   

Building the Ship Wings

Building Ship Body

Once I created my spaceship I took a screen shot in Maya and brought it over to Photoshop. My next step was to create a color pallet and painting in the colors.  I learned about the importance of layers and the different types of layers used for mixing and shading colors.

Drawing and Coloring Ship

After doing some clean up and creating a background, I fully learned about the process used for creating concept art using both Maya and Photoshop.

Clean Up and Background

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